Toxic Skies Orchestra

In the course of the past few decades, weather has gradually been losing part of its “wildlife” character. Scientists are experimenting with interventions in the climatic system, and massive manipulations have become regular practise. The shamanistic rain doctor of yore has evolved into an inventor of latest high-tech weaponry.

The Toxic Skies Orchestra provides the soundtrack for this scenario: acoustic ambient manipulations, drones, iridescent atmospheres, sounding chemtrails, bizarre soundscapes and roaring sound cascades. The Toxic Sky Orchestra creates phantasmagoric visions of sunsets and apocalyptic thunderstorms, it creates nightmares . sound pictures / psychedelic drones – with lots of mood from the Sixties. Meet you on the dark side of psychedelic ambient.


There were times, blessed times when man had not yet lost the sense of his connection to both Nature and the Sacred, when church bells used to be heard across the countryside to banish approaching storms from hamlets and villages. In our Teutonic regions, this was called “Wetterläuten” – the “chiming away” of bad weather. Anyone who ever had the privilege of experiencing the ecstatic and all-embracing live improvisations of WERNER CEE (e-chin / lapsteel guitar / electronics), NORBERT GROSSMAN (synth / church organ) and EVA KORN (gongs), will understand why the South-German trio choose this archaic name for their project. 


Hier begegnen sich traditionell verwurzelte und allerneueste zeitgenössische Musik.

Gaspare Balsamo aus Catania ist Schauspieler und Meister des zeitgenössischen Cunto – des sizilianischen Sprechgesangs, dessen Wurzeln bis in die Antike zurückreichen.  

Giovanni Apprendi aus Palermo, spielt das Tamburello, eines der ältesten traditionellen Instrumente des Mittelmeerraums.

Alf-Terje Hana, e-Gitarre, live-Elektronik, bringt den Sound der norwegischen West Coast ins Spiel. Der Begründer der Gruppe Athana hat unter anderem zahlreiche große Musikprojekte organisiert, so z.B. im Jahre 2013 eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Stavanger Symphonieorchester und dem Police-Schlagzeuger Stewart Copeland.

Im vergangenen Jahr gründete Werner Cee anlässlich von Hidden Stage III mit Balsamo, Apprendi und Hana die Gruppe „Torrent“.

Cee Lind Wertmüller

Werner Cee - E-chin // Rainer Lind - Gitarre // Michael Wertmüller - Schlagzeug


ULUDAG gehört zu den innovativsten Bands, die in de 80ern von sich reden machten. 


ULUDAG “Mau Mau”
(Review Records 1988, Vinyl, LP)
Recorded & mixed January 1988 at Klang & Hammer Studio, Konstanz, Germany by K.H. Backes.

Peter Hollinger: Drums, Jew’s Harp, Objects
Sabine Schäfer: Synthesizer
Werner Cee: Bass, Baglama (prepared Saz), Artwork
Helmut Bieler-Wendt: Violine, Bariton-Violektra


The very first beginning back in 1970